«SEMAT» LLC (tm SEMAT) designs and manufactures electrochemical and electrical discharge machines for metal parts processing along with ultrasonic shot peening machines.

We are aimed to produce high-tech machinery and appear new russian brand in world machine tool market.

Today we solve the problem of processing parts made of conductive materials in cases when it is difficult to do or completely impossible to perform processing by other methods, including traditional machining.

We are able to manage with complex issues, even when the best foreign technologies are powerless.

Business area:
1. R&D in sphere of multi-axis electrochemical machining and ultrasonic shot peening of metal;
2. design and manufacture of machines based on electrophysical methods of processing hard-to-machine parts;
3. engineering and metalworking services.

Our company is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, whose activities are aimed at contributing successful implementation of innovative technology startups in various sectors of our country economy.

Being a part of Promtech Skolkovo cluster, our company is engaged in research and development of electrochemical equipment for multi-axis electrochemical machining with a rod-shaped electrode tool, and also development and production of ultrasonic shot peening machines with artificial intelligence in the control system.

On the basis of Skolkovo Technopark SEMAT has its own experimental-production area equipped with all necessary resources and facilities.

One of the main company advantages and assets is our professional team that includes highly qualified designers, process and service engineers, as well as experienced specialists in management and sales.

Our strategic vision is development and expansion of electrochemical processing and ultrasonic shot peening technologies in the Russian Federation and all over the world.

The company strives to develop its dealer network and enter foreign markets by starting export sales. The basis for achieving ambitious goals is unique technologies and high competence, supplemented by R&D, patents and high-quality service.

  1. electrochemical machining;
  2. electrical discharge machining;
  3. ultrasonic shot peening.
Industries and application areas:
  • space
  • aviation
  • automobile
  • engine building
  • instrument engineering
  • medicine
  • micromechanics and microelectronics
  • dies and molds manufacturing
  • power engineering
  • weapons manufacturing
  • additive technologies
  • jewelry manufacturing

The main benefit of cooperation with SEMAT is

the ability to obtain products with unique properties that 
provide radical competitive advantages, or significantly reduce the cost by using electrophysical processing methods or ultrasonic shot peening.

pdf.png SEMAT equipment brochure and catalog